What it means to be an exhibitor


One Idea Can Change a Persons Place In Life

As an exhibitor you are responsible for making your booth as interactive as possible. 

 You have an opportunity to showcase your organization with little to no cost.  Increase participation, expand your audience.

Be interactive with your audience.  Provide an opportunity to try, taste, learn, discover, explore something new.  

Become a resource that can assist to improve the health of individuals and communities across Nova Scotia.

Exhibitors are required to provide a door prize (value no less than $25.00) along with a small registration fee.  

Early Bird Registration Fee $40.00 up to February 29, 2020

Full Registration Fee $50.00

Door prizes are used to raise money to support the event and provide a chance for someone to take something home of interest, supporting a new idea or hobby.

Once registration is complete an administrator will be in contact to review insurance options and liability coverage.

Resources available will be provided on a first come, first serve basis (power, chairs, tables, walls etc.)

The Youth Expo is entering it's 5th year.  Your participation is helping build stronger, healthier communities.  The Youth Expo is just the Starting  Line!

Show up 100%




Complete the online form below or print the form.   If you print the form, complete it, SAVE IT on your own device, scan and email to info@theyouthexpo.com or mail to 276 Upper Brookfield Road, Brookfield NS B0N 1C0